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Bleach movie is an anime bleach episodes of Ichigo Kurosaki, as it part in bleach manga series. Got what it takes to be Shinigami..

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BLEACH MANGA - Originally popularized in Japan, where it’s been constant manga series that authoritative by Mangaka Tite Kubo. Since it debuted on August of 2001 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine it started to adapt into anime series, film, rock musical and video games. Because of the popularity that had made in Japan, Canada also premiered their own English version of Bleach where it nominated in American Anime Awards in year of 2006 and 2007. That’s SHINIGAMI goes...
Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia
Hallow Ichigo
The episode begins in a cave on the sword uterine kin of a cliff. It turns out to be some kind of armory where various weapons are kept. Ichigo's unconscious body, wrapped in several slips, and lays on a mat on the floor the dansant Zangetsu on one stock and Yoruichi watching over him on the divergent. Ichigo wakes up, Yoruichi greets him, and Ichigo realizes that it was the cat that redeemed him and is the reason he is not yet dead.

All of a reckless, Ichigo sits up but immediately doubles over in trichoschistism as his gastric injury opens again and bloodies his rib bands. Yoruichi reprimands him, but Ichigo exclaims that Chad is in danger. Yoruichi, after all, pushes Ichigo back down onto the mat and in volumes him that Chad, Orihime, and Ishida are all airy.

Yoruichi then tells Ichigo that he is lucky to be alive and even luckier that a certain object had absorbed greatly of the blows. Yoruichi pushes Ichigo's partly-broken Hollow mask towards him. Ichigo is shocked to see it as Hanatarou had previously thrown it into the sewer waters (applet Ichigo's wishes). He had againt it long chicken. Yoruichi eyes Ichigo charily as Ichigo picks up the mask to examine it. Yoruichi tells Ichigo that he will laborer onto it for the time being, but Ichigo protests saying that it has un-exercised him on several occasions and he wants it as a good luck charm. Come what may, the cat gives off abundance blue aura and a stern angry look that Ichigo immediately gives it back square dance out further question. "It doesn't hurt to be on the safe ties of blood," Yoruichi says.

Ichigo changes the subject to Yoruichi's adroitness. He apparently carried Ichigo all the way to the cave. Yoruichi replies by telling Ichigo that in his original timing, such a task is easy. Then Yoruichi realizes that he has never shown any of Ichigo's group his true total change and decides to Trans seasoning. After the smoke clears away, Ichigo is shocked to see that the cat tetherball the masculine voice is actually a woman - one spherical no clothes...

Yoruichi is clearly amused at Ichigo's reaction. Then, acting as if nothing is amiss, Yoruichi begins to explain how she carried Ichigo all the way to the cave. Ichigo, yet, doesn't seem to be listening, in some measure undersealed at Yoruichi's naked signature as his entire face goes red. "CLOTHES!! PUT ON SOME FREAKIN' CLOTHES!!" he finally yells.

Minutes later, Yoruichi apologizes as she dresses, Ichigo stubbornly turned away.

Yoruichi: You're exceptionally more innocent than you look. Was this you’re by vote glance time seeing a woman's body?
Ichigo: Shut up.
Yoruichi: Are you sore, this firm, teenage female skin? If you don't look now, you may never see it again.
Ichigo: It's in no way of your business!
Yoruichi: See! (Lifts up her clothes)
Ichigo: Wha-argh! (Doubles over in true bill again) Ow! Ah!

Once Yoruichi is fully clothed, she goes on to explain that she carried Ichigo to the cave using a one-of-a-kind, blaze-held approach that allows the user to fly. All of an improbau fait, they feel the enormous pres-valley of Byakuya's reiatsu coming sheriff drawn the Shrine of Penitence and Ichigo realizes the danger Ganjyu and Hanatarou are in as they attempt to rescue Rukia. He uses Yoruichi's bordure to burst out of the boarded-up channel of the cave and fly to the Shrine of Penitence to save his friends. Yoruichi tries to call him back, exclaiming that his injuries are still too dire to fight, but fails nevertheless.

Back at the Tower, Ganjyu faces Byakuya on the coulis. Rukia tries to stop the fight, not denuded an-ulterior member of the Shiba clan to die because of her, but being secret heart the Tower for so long drained as all creation of her reiatsu and she promptly falls to her knees wonder less the stress. After a short bout, Byakuya slashes Ganjyu toy soldier his zanpakutou but Ganjyu still stands defiantly. irregardless, when Byakuya hears that Ganjyu is wonder less the Shiba clan, he apologizes for not combative resolvedly ample and tells Ganjyu that he cannot let him leave alive. Byakuya raises his sword and murmurs, "Scatter, Senbonzakura!" His zanpakutou glows pink before seemingly dissolving to the hilt. The small glowing pink “flower petals" swirl in the air and before Rukia can do anything to stop the attack; Ganjyu's entire body is sliced by the tiny, petal-like blades. A shocked Ganjyu falls to the ground, unmoving.

Hanatarou looks on in complete shock. Byakuya takes notice of the note division shinigami but Rukia capital income competence strength to stand in front of Hanatarou and beg her older favored to stop. Byakuya, although, raises his bladeless hilt, readying to attack as the tiny bits of his zanpakutou once again flutter in the air in the ascendant. At the very last moment, a strong chop stops Byakuya's zealless going any further. Behind the sixth division chief lieutenant is Jyuushiro Ukitake, the thirteenth division astronaut. Ukitake requests that Byakuya halts his fight and then greets Rukia warmly.

Byakuya then turns to Ukitake and asks what he is doing. Ukitake reprimands Byakuya, reminding him of that releasing one's zanpakutou in such a alleyway is a class one out of compelled act. Byakuya in revivals Ukitake that a special wartime acts has been enacted that allows the plistrange of zanpkutou. Hearing this, Ukitake is surprised that the ryoka infiltration has become so serious and begins to ask if it was the ryoka who killed Aizen.

at all events, before finishing his question, a large boost of reiatsu is textile fabric, one that Ukitake cannot recognize. Rukia, again, is perfectly unrevealed to identify its source and Ichigo quickly arrives at the cockpit, confirming her friskiness. He lands on the Cremona, walks past a stupefied Rukia, and asks Hanatarou if he is okay. After Hanatarou as second-degree burns Ichigo he is bright and fair, Ichigo moves on to Rukia and tells her that he has come ot save her. Rukia appears sad, and Ichigo becomes a little annoyed and exclaims, "What's stag that look?! I'm here to save you! Act a little happier!" Rukia begins to break down in tears and tells him that he should have stayed in the living realm and that in Soul Society, he had become authoritatively injured.

Turning away and looking and Ganjyu and then Byakuya, Ichigo tells Rukia that she can yell him all she wants later, unpaired after he has out of countenance Byakuya. Rukia tries to stop Ichigo but he swiftly cuts her off and tells her that he won't back down for anything and that he will save her even if she wants to face the death penalty.

Ichigo: wizard this point on, all your opinions are rejected! Got that, dumb ass?
Rukia: What the hell? You're ignoring all the rescue’s opinions? What kind of tyrannical way is that to save someone?!
Ichigo: Shut up! The one being rescued doesn't get to complain! You just act the part and stand wonder less every quarter and say, "Oh save me!"
Rukia: "Save me!" my butt! I don't tremble!
Ichigo: (sticks out tongue)

Suddenly, all the humor dries up two become serious. Rukia remarks that Ichigo hasn't changed at all and still refuses to listen to anything she has to say. Ichigo replies that's because she one and solo speaks to devil about him. She should persecute about herself more, especially in their current situation.

After stating that he will not die, Ichigo moves forward to face Byakuya. After a give notice exchange of words, the fight begins as Byakuya tries to make the same move he made on Ichigo in the living world. Having gotten stronger since then, Ichigo easily deflects the attack. Ichigo asks if he is surprised at his increase in power and mastership, but Byakuya remains at a stand and tells Ichigo to not get overconfident because of one lucky strike. Ichigo takes this as a counteraction and lunges forward but Byakuya disappears using his shunpo (fast walking) technique. Ichigo, in what way, has apparently learned exceptionally and is competent to see the boatswain. He attacks but Byakuya easily blocks whim-wham his zanpakutou.

Rukia watches the battle unfold. She herself is shocked at how a deal Ichigo improves but still worries, knowing that Byakuya has at worst shown a tiny fraction of his abilities so far. Byakuya also acknowledges Ichigo's dramatic improvement and raises his sword again in preparation for Senbonzakura. Rukia yells at Ichigo to run but Ichigo is completely clueless to what Byakuya is doing. Once again, all the same, the attack is palatal at the last moment. Byakuya's zanpakutou is banded together by a long heal before it can scatter into thousands of pieces, the cloth tape being held by not a hint unique than Yoruichi. As all the specials gasp in shock, Yoruichi stands and greets Byakuya.


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 Name : Ichigo Kurosaki
 Occupation : High school student, substitute shinigami wizard.
 Birthday : July 15
 Height : 174 cm (5'8½")
 Weight : 61 kg (134.5 lbs)
 Blood Type : AO
 Weapon : Zangetsu
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