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Shinigami Shinigami
Bleach movie is an anime bleach episodes of Ichigo Kurosaki, as it part in bleach manga series. Got what it takes to be Shinigami..

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BLEACH MANGA - Originally popularized in Japan, where it’s been constant manga series that authoritative by Mangaka Tite Kubo. Since it debuted on August of 2001 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine it started to adapt into anime series, film, rock musical and video games. Because of the popularity that had made in Japan, Canada also premiered their own English version of Bleach where it nominated in American Anime Awards in year of 2006 and 2007. That’s SHINIGAMI goes...
Kon's Great Plan

Ichigo is at school, though it doesn’t seem like he’s exceedingly there. He reflects on how he was nearly killed well-balanced the people withhold Soul Society, and how no one at school remembers Rukia. Things appear as they used to be: Keigo is crossing his both arm and saying, “Bohahaha!” while Orihime and Tatsuki go into what they will do over summer vacation. Ichigo realizes that this is what happens in which time you go back to Soul Society: you’re very existence disappears through people’s hearts.

Yuzu has clean given Kon a new makeover, prompting him to run pronto in rummage of a place where he Roger belongs. Ishida is extremely late for school, and howbeit he arrives, is all bandaged up. Rukia is acting weird as she knows she will have to return to Soul Society nester or later. Yoruichi appears at the Urahara file, as does Kon. Kon, after getting tortured there, decides to return to Ichigo’s side.


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  • At 20 nëntor 2007 në 8:16 e paradites , Blogger black_hat said…

    yup i've watched this, a very funny episode, though having a replacement is very cool, being in two place at the same time... :)  
  • At 27 nëntor 2007 në 4:17 e paradites , Blogger Darkwell said…

    I've also like the part where their was this guy who see ghost and try to pulverized them but it turns out that he just converting theminto hollows(monster that eat human souls for food)I've love the part that they shout all together the BUWAHAHAHA even Miss rukia do it even though she have no idea why thet were doing it!!!hehehehe......  
  • At 11 dhjetor 2007 në 12:08 e pasdites , Blogger psyche said…

    Bleach can compare to Naruto...both of them has a good story and twist...Anyway I am a fan of this anime and thanks for your blog I find a lot of information about it...  
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Bleach Character Profile
Bleach Manga
 Name : Ichigo Kurosaki
 Occupation : High school student, substitute shinigami wizard.
 Birthday : July 15
 Height : 174 cm (5'8½")
 Weight : 61 kg (134.5 lbs)
 Blood Type : AO
 Weapon : Zangetsu
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