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Shinigami Shinigami
Bleach movie is an anime bleach episodes of Ichigo Kurosaki, as it part in bleach manga series. Got what it takes to be Shinigami..

Bleach Anime || Bleach Movie Introductory

BLEACH MANGA - Originally popularized in Japan, where it’s been constant manga series that authoritative by Mangaka Tite Kubo. Since it debuted on August of 2001 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine it started to adapt into anime series, film, rock musical and video games. Because of the popularity that had made in Japan, Canada also premiered their own English version of Bleach where it nominated in American Anime Awards in year of 2006 and 2007. That’s SHINIGAMI goes...
My Wall Of Dreams || Kuchiki Rukia
Rukia Kuchiki (朽木 ルキア, Kuchiki Rukia?) was a fictional character and major figure in the anime and manga series Bleach. She’s an unseated shinigami in the 13th Division under Jūshirō Ukitake. Who will meet Ichigo Kurosaki who’s a high school student, and through a set of state of affairs, he obtains her powers, forcing her to take up residence in his home and him to take her place as a shinigami. Before she died and went to Soul Society, she’s known as “little to nothing” who had an older sister who’s also a shinigami but past away from unknown reason or cause.

Gender: Female
Species: Shinigami
Height: 144 cm

Weight: 33 kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Date of birth: January 14
Occupation: Shinigami in the 13th Division
Known: Hisana Kuchiki (sister, deceased)
Relatives: Byakuya Kuchiki (brother-in-law, adoptive brother)
Zanpakutō: Sode no Shirayuki
Download: Rukia Wallpaper

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Bleach Character Profile
Bleach Manga
 Name : Ichigo Kurosaki
 Occupation : High school student, substitute shinigami wizard.
 Birthday : July 15
 Height : 174 cm (5'8½")
 Weight : 61 kg (134.5 lbs)
 Blood Type : AO
 Weapon : Zangetsu
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