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Bleach movie is an anime bleach episodes of Ichigo Kurosaki, as it part in bleach manga series. Got what it takes to be Shinigami..

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BLEACH MANGA - Originally popularized in Japan, where it’s been constant manga series that authoritative by Mangaka Tite Kubo. Since it debuted on August of 2001 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine it started to adapt into anime series, film, rock musical and video games. Because of the popularity that had made in Japan, Canada also premiered their own English version of Bleach where it nominated in American Anime Awards in year of 2006 and 2007. That’s SHINIGAMI goes...
A Memory of Rain

Ichigo and his family visit their mother's grave on the anniversary of her death in a cemetery. Meanwhile, Ichigo's dad encourages Yuzu and tries to climb the hills on his hands under Yuzu's skirt. But it was sliding into Karin who waits to kich him away. Ichigo complains about the heat and starts remembering the events that seemingly lead to his mother's death. His musings are interrupted by Rukia at the top of the hill waving nicely to them. Ichigo denies knowing her at first, but then claims she's a classmate from junior high.

Back at the cemetery, Rukia ponders Ichigo's statement about killing his mother. There is a figure behind her. Kon emerges from her backpack to Rukia's dismay. Kon seems irritated by Rukia's obsession with hollows, and Rukia finally senses the figure somewhere in the woods behind her. Then she approach the man who behind her who is also a shinigami. Elsewhere, Ichigo continues to remember his lat hours with his mother. He insists on walking on the roadside to protect his mom from cars as it is raining, but she won't let him. Ichigo asks to hold her hand, and then reflects on how he always felt safer around her. As the two pass the water, Ichigo says he couldn't tell the difference between living and dead people yet. When running for the river, Ichigo's mom becomes scared, running after him. Ichigo then says that he was given his name so that he could protect one thing no matter what. It is a translational meaning. Ichigo wanted to protect his mother. Ichigo couldn't remember the details, but he knew she died protecting him. He reflects on the family that was now without a mother. In current day, he drops to his knees, crying.

On the grave, Karin is praying and Yuzu is crying. Karin tries to cheer her up with no success. Their father also tries, but succeeds only in getting another blow from Karin. Rukia is still talking with the shinigami elsewhere, who recalls Rukia's adoption into the Kuchiki family. He asks if Rukia remembers him, but to no avail. Rukia then guesses that he's with the special ops, which is a correct assumption. Meanwhile, Kon has gone to fish up Ichigo. He finds the boy, and we switch back to Rukia. Rukia says the hollows keep her in our world continually and that's why she hasn't returned. The shinigami says she's dressing to impress Ichigo. In return, Rukia begins using Demon Magic, but decides against it. The shinigami announces his plan to take Rukia back by force but it immediately interrupted by Ichigo.

Ichigo draws the mod soul out of Kon and swallows it, turning into a shinigami just in time. Rukia begs Ichigo to back down, but Ichigo refuses. Elsewhere, Karin senses a hollow, which approaches, invisible but leaving its trail anyways. Back to Ichigo, he seems to be doing quite poorly against the new shinigami threat. The man criticizes Ichigo's fighting style, but the fight is interrupted by Rukia's orders for a hollow. It seems to be a strong one. Rukia convinces Ichigo to postpone the fight because his family may be in danger.


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Bleach Character Profile
Bleach Manga
 Name : Ichigo Kurosaki
 Occupation : High school student, substitute shinigami wizard.
 Birthday : July 15
 Height : 174 cm (5'8½")
 Weight : 61 kg (134.5 lbs)
 Blood Type : AO
 Weapon : Zangetsu
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